Emphutheusis (Geneva, Switzerland, spring 2015)
with: Jérôme Hervé, Nicolas Lombardi, Laura Ros Martinez and Matthias Schweisshelm (and the special collaboration of Magali Garin)
Europan 13: La ville adaptable > Special Mention

The project "Emphutheusis" presents various scenarios of densification, rather than an applied result. Literally meaning “the action of planting” in ancient Greek, three strategies of intervention characterize the project:
> The improvement of the existing network of green spaces in order to unify both sides of the site.
> The densification of the villa’s territory with a large range of public spaces to open up Chancy Avenue.
> The identification of underused land for implementation of public services and future developments according to the urban densification planned for 2050.

^ Plan at a metropolitan scale
^ Conceptual components
^ Axonometric view of site project
^ Living scenarios. Social hypotheses for the distric's tranformation
^ Zoom into a point
^ Views : the market space and the inner gardens